Ubiquity, A Browser Command Line

During the last day the web has been abuzz about Mozilla Labs’ Ubiquity. It’s an addon for Firefox that can help you streamline how you get things done on the web. In the example above, they show constructing an email with a map and reviews using mostly keyboard driven input. The addon is quick to install and we think you’ll find it saving you a lot of time on tasks you’d normally hit the search box for. In the popup, you can do quick Wikipedia lookups, define words, translate, perform calculations, and many other operations. You can email a page to someone by just typing three words. The best part is: anyone can write a command that will expand Ubiquity’s function. Greasemonkey helped fix broken websites and we think Ubiquity will help make interactions between sites much easier. We can’t wait to see what clever uses people come up with.

19 thoughts on “Ubiquity, A Browser Command Line

  1. looks nice but also looks like it could be a very, well let me change that excessively malicious tool for the unscrupulous out there. Not saying bad things about it, just looks like it could be used for very bad things

  2. Man makes a powder that burns fast and bright. It is used to make stunning displays of light in the night sky. Then some one tries something, then boom, now a device that can hurt people. next thing we know we have bullets that kill. Gunpowder.

    This has great potential for good, which means that it also has potential for malice. A regrettable truth. Lets hope that people choose to do the right thing.

    Mozilla, great tool, keep up the good work and make the Internets a better place.

    Pratice safe surfing.


  3. Yes, it could be used for malicious purposes, but still, it is a very powerful tool, and customizable, it will be a strong app in the future.

    of course on alpha stage, there could be some nasty bugs in it, but as I said, powerful indeed.

  4. I found out about this from another site earlier today, and it’s awesome.

    Does anybody have some good websites for commands (or just cool individual commands) that they’d like to share?

  5. Nice but it will make a big overload on web servers like wikipedia

    Everytime you type a command like
    “wikipedia something”, it searcher for resumes of related articles…

    Maybe an audit of requests volume would be nice for these site before we put all them down.

  6. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it sounds a lot like the keyword functionality they’ve had set up since like FF 1.0. I have a bookmark to WP searches set up so I can just type “w [term]” and search. Same with Google, IMDB, etc. If I really cared to, I suspect I could even manage to open a GMail Compose like that. What else does this buy you?

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