EFiX USB Dongle Off To A Rocky Start

According to InsanelyMac forum member [qbattersby] the EFiX USB dongle he just received doesn’t seem to live up to expectations. We covered the EFiX when it was announced back in June. It’s designed to let you install OSX unmodified on commodity hardware. While using a MSI G965M motherboard, instead of installing OSX [qbattersby] was greeted with a flashing cursor with no option to continue onward.

A quick glance at the EFiX hardware compatibility chart does not list the MSI G965M as a board verified to work with the dongle and could explain [qbattersby] results. To his defense, he does explain that he will be testing it on a supported motherboard along with a retail copy of Leopard in the future. Hopefully, he will be able to post back that it works and his experience with the installation of Leopard.

While the EFiX seems to be shipping in some countries, enthusiasts in the US will have to wait a bit longer till distribution channels can be worked out.

One thing is for sure, if you do plan on going the EFiX route, make sure that the hardware you plan on using is listed on their site.

[via Engadget]

2 thoughts on “EFiX USB Dongle Off To A Rocky Start

  1. Great, useless product much? If it has a custom “apple bios” on it, which I don’t understand how they can do over USB, why can’t they add some patches as well so a quad or tri core AMD can use this? They have SSE3 and SSE4 just like Intel.

    Meh, a product is a product, and it is interesting to see how well this works. A consipiracy theorist could make a case for Apple letting this out on purpose because with the M$ bailout they can’t sell the OS.

    Sorry if this is incoherent, with the lousy comment box I can’t read what I write.

  2. This is probably just a thumb drive with boot-132 on it with a custom bootloader and kexts to make it work perfectly with OSX. Nothing else. You can get this for free and working with almost anything, just search boot-132, you’ll see.

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