Changing The EEEPC 701 Form Factor

Over at the EeeUser forums, [PvP_lostnight] is designing a kit to convert your EEEPC to a different form factor. He is modeling the design after the Samsung Q1 UMPC. The kits will eventually be for sale, but as you can see from the pictures, there’s a long way to go.  He seems to be taking lots of input from the forum members, so go there and help him make it perfect.

[thanks Tony]

8 thoughts on “Changing The EEEPC 701 Form Factor

  1. hmm this is just one of his stupid idea’s to get attention

    go to and ask for pvp_lostknight
    everyone will tell you that he is a **** and that he said he made thousands of mods, but he just showed 1 pic, and said it was done and working, but he wouldnt tell how, because he didnt want noobs to do it too etc..

    that guy is a complete idiot, he takes credit for work he never did, or never finished.

  2. ^^ with those two up there, completely agree.
    Pvp has claimed to have made a crap load of mods, all working and finished. he never once provided ANY proof for most of these, and the ones he did were either fake or unfinished and not working. because of his scams and bs, he is permabanned, and IP banned, and if i remember correctly, his we had his ISP block acidmods from his line. his name is even censored out.

    If you even believe one ounce of this bullshit, you’re a total moron. Don’t believe this crap, it’s just another ploy to get attention to himself.

  3. OMG you all remember that PSP internal hard drive… That was this guy!!! He faked it and that’s been proven. I don’t doubt that this guy cut a hole in an EEE pc and thats it.


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