Maker Faire Austin Is This Weekend

Maker Faire Austin is happening this weekend, October 18 & 19, 2008 at the Travis County Expo Center in Austin, TX. Maker Faire is a showcase of all things DIY. You’ll see robots, sculptures, live performances, and other wonders including many of the projects we cover here every day. We enjoyed our time in San Mateo earlier this year and the show keeps getting better and better. You can see photos from previous events on Flickr. If you’ve got a chance to go, take it.

8 thoughts on “Maker Faire Austin Is This Weekend

  1. 25$ a ticket is hardly worth it for me. At least they seemed to have lowered the price for different age groups.

    Too bad so much of it is just a burning man downgrade.

    various bicycles welded together to make a human powered fair ride is not impressive nor something I wish to spend any sort of money on.

    If you like burning man type stuff you will like maker faire, if you do not like burning man type stuff is a better use of your time then going to maker faire.

  2. @John – bicycles are just one small part of maker faire. i’m guessing you haven’t been to one because i don’t think you would have called it a “burning man downgrade”…

    we have robots, rockets, alt energy, electronic classes and workshops, crafts, food hackers, music, wood working, lasers, workshop areas (techshop, etc), cars projects and best of all it’s family friendly — so bring the kids, we have kid’s events and workshops just for young folks. the whole idea is to help and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. hack a day does that (i started the site for that reason back in the day) but don’t just snark maker faire because you don’t like bicycles or burning man.

  3. I went to Maker Faire in Austin last year and walked away when I learned it was $50 for my wife and I to enter, what we could see were things typical of burning man. Ingenious yes, creative yes.

    I am sure there are some very interesting things to see, as for me the entrance fee is attendance prohibitive.

  4. @john, $25 is at the door… they’re a lot cheaper when you order online ahead of time.

    and if the cost is still a problem you could have emailed me or someone at MAKE, we could have helped out.

    if you never went in, i don’t think it’s fair to say what was in there — but you keep saying “typical of burning man” which isn’t accurate at all.

  5. I took my wife and 2yo last year and they had a blast. My 2yo didn’t want to leave so we skipped hi nap and stayed the entire day.

    There was an LED sign there from UT Austin that had been hacked (by me) when I was a student and my hack was still attached to it. It was cool to see it still working 10 years later. This year I’ll be showing the ps3toothfairy device and my theater LED controller. I thought a 2yo would be too young, but it really is something unique.

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