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[Matthew] sent in this slick project where he made a Mac pro Ultra Mini. He received a MacBook that had been killed by water. He took it apart, re-soldered some connections and was able to get enough of it working to be a decent multimedia machine for his tv. To make it look nicer, he found an external drive case that looks like a tiny Mac Pro. After a little bit of grinding, cutting, and zip tying he managed to get all the pieces inside the case.  We’re always happy to see hardware salvaged, and  to see it transformed to a fantastic looking useful machine is a bonus. Good job [Matthew].

22 thoughts on “Mac Pro Ultra Mini

  1. WOW I wish someone would give me their “dead” 13″ MacBook that had water poured on it.
    It amazes me how people find their 1100.00 paper weight so worth less they wont even try to salvage it.
    This is probably the most awesome thing I have seen in quite some time… don’t rip me for being so amazed..

    There is a really sweet use for a “Mac Mini”
    You can turn it into a Slingbox – a TV streaming device….

    over all great job!!!!!

  2. I checked the measurements sometime last year, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a PC using a pico-ITX board and a 2.5″ HDD or maybe flash SSD inside a standard 3.5″ drive enclosure. There are a lot of sexy models out there, and most of them already have nice power switches and other parts that you could fuse with the board’s PSU to make it look just like a normal external drive! I also checked, and using a slim optical drive, you could put a whole PC inside a standard 5.25″ optical drive case. I would definitely try this myself if I had the time and money to spare.

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