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If you’ve ever been curious what it is like to work at ThinkGeek, check out this video. [John Frazier], a purchasing agent, talks about the history of ThinkGeek as well as what daily work is like. Fairly interesting, but the summary is that it’s just like any other job, with more toys. They probably have to test all the products fairly thoroughly, we know we would.

[thanks Yan]

14 thoughts on “Tour ThinkGeek’s Offices

  1. hmmm… sourceforge > slashdot > thinkgeek… never knew that…

    inexpensive monocular nightvision goggles… sounds hackworthy to me!

    and that is definitely an interesting little glass jar…. you can put your weed in there…

  2. @geeks are sexy

    there was a hackaday post (actually, 2) about that not …a month ago?

    neat vid. I love ThinkGeek’s stuff, but they are disrespectful of their roots; waaay overcharging the very niche market that keeps them alive – I feel they could do more volume sales at lower prices and still be just as financially successful; without sacrificing the ‘1337’ attitude regarding ‘us’, the customer base. Geeks selling to other geeks for profit; seems to lack professional courtesy.

  3. I f***ing hate thinkgeek, they overcharge for everything and give geeks a bad name.
    A simple Google search on half their products will turn up a lower price on the first page.

    Just reading their product descriptions makes me feel like a retard for being a geek.

  4. this video had completely changed my way of viewing the world! SOURCEFORGE ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? MERCHANT BUYTER ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!?? I just spit all over my crt, hire me im a recent ee grad!

  5. “inexpensive monocular nightvision goggles”
    yes, its a cheap mono CCTV camera + oled 128×128 viewfinder, looks like crap
    I have to agree, thinkgeeg is a place to buy crap as a joke present for an office party, nothing more

  6. What does it say about John Frazier that he is wearing a plain, grey T-shirt, and complains about how hard it is to work there. Did he expect us to all have geeky Willy Wonka ideas of their offices?

  7. Yeah yeah, I know – my t-shirt is boring. It was a hot day and my extra-cool ironically funny yet uber hipster overshirt was just too warm, so I didn’t want to sweat on camera.

    As for overcharging people – not true! We try really really hard to get good deals for everyone. If you find something cheaper somewhere else, chances are we’ve already seen those low prices, and can’t understand why we didn’t get a good enough deal to justify dropping stuff that cheap.

    Seriously, if you ever suspect something is too expensive, write me at fraize at thinkgeek dot com and I’ll let you in on the skinny.

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