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[Claude Paillard] makes his own triodes (google translated) for short wave radios. The site doesn’t have a lot of details itself, but links to entire books on the history of radio tubes and manufacturing of them.  [Claude] takes us through the entire process of building a triode in a 17 minute long video. Even if you aren’t into them, this is fascinating. From the looks of it, several of us might only be a pump or two short of being able to cobble one together.

[thanks Dieter]

29 thoughts on “Hand Made Triode

  1. Geeze, don’t you guys read your own site? I knew as soon as I saw the picture that this was the same hack as before. It’s a good one but still can’t you search your own site before posting?

  2. I’ve been doing transistors for a year or so now. It took about 2 years to find a process that can be done at home.

    Here is my setup I took to a conference and we made solar cells, single FETs and an inverter.

    This is an inverter:

    This is a quick talk I gave at metalab explaining the basics.

  3. Holy machine shop, Batman! No wonder he has so many jigs and rigs. I especially like the way he doesn’t wait for the mill to stop before reaching for the cutting tool. I though he was going to lose a finger there.

    P.S. Thanks for resurrecting this one, I probably wouldn’t have ever come across it otherwise.

  4. So this is, a repost. I kinda thought so, but still very cool. I don’t have the equipment to do this, but if I did I would definitely make my own.
    I didn’t even see the video this time around, but I know the song, and it’s stuck in my head..lol oh well at least it’s a soothing song.

  5. I was fairly impressed when I first saw this on hack a day a while back, and still is today.

    Re. home made transistors, you can just about make one yourself using a pair of safety pins and chunk of galena. Not exactly precision stuff, but it is possible. Hobbyists were doing similar stuff with crystal sets for nearly a century.


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