Fiber Optic Flash Ring


For those who enjoy photography, a ring light is a nice tool to have. Being hackers, making your own seems only logical. This writeup will take you through the process of making one from fiber optics for super cheap. They basically gutted some fiber optic toys and strapped them to the lens. Sure there was a little more work involved, but that’s the gist of it. You may recall some more in depth fiber optic ring lights using LEDs or cold cathodes that we covered before.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

6 thoughts on “Fiber Optic Flash Ring

  1. For a photog that first set of example images looks terrible. The first one looks like a 256 colour GIF and the other two have a JPEG quality value of about 3. The second set’s nice though.

    I love hacks like this. Find some overpriced product, replicate on the cheap with a bit of ingenuity and time. Love it.

  2. not to be a nitpicker, but this isn’t a flash ring. It’s a macro flash ring. It won’t do anything if you are over a few feet away. This is designed to light objects evenly for macro photography when ordinarily your lens would obscure your flash because they are so close to it.

  3. Re. obscuring the lens –

    It’s a macro flash and he’s using a prime lens. Why would he need to touch it? Just set the focus to 1:1 and focus by shifting the camera.

    It’s a fun project on the cheap. Stop complaining!

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