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[Andrew] made this DVD dispenser for his senior project in high school. It is using an ATmega8515 for the brains, and a custom coded driver for the LCD. As you can see in the video, after the break, you can select a DVD by various identifiers such as genre or title. It then pushes that DVD out of the rack so you can grab it. Right now, all the DVDs have to be placed in predetermined positions, but it’s not a bad start at all. Thanks for sending this in [Andrew].


24 thoughts on “Automated DVD Dispenser

  1. pirated movies!

    Pretty neat if you can get the setup in an enclosure to protect it from the elements of your home. The bar that the pickup arm moves on can definitely be optimized for its seek time.

  2. It’s pretty nice as a proof of concept- the title on the LCD is neat as well :)

    Now all it needs is a little SAPI automation so you can say “Computer: retrieve a random DVD from genre action film”

  3. hmm quite a cool senior project. mine was a flash video star wars scene, no i am not swk.

    one thought to improve the speed and size, get an old computerized plotter for the guts. I see them all the time at auctions for various businesses and they usually go for a few bucks.

    take the roller feed out and just use the x-axis and the pen up-down to push it. i am sure a quick mod of some open source plotting software would handle the selection easily

  4. how is this automatic if it doesnt just hand you DVDs on its own? i think that would be way more automated. getting a cup of coffee and RUSH HOUR 2!!! gee thanks DVD dispenser, you predicted my every need! oh wait its not automatic its automated. nvm. nice job.

  5. apparently most people didnt get it. i would love to have something like that for my games, so they dont get scratched, lost. great for making sure no disk got lost. simple sensor to make sure the disk is there, and a bit of more effort, and it could inventory the disks! if i could buy something like that, i would. the only down side, it doesnt put the disk in a drive :( all well. still is cool, especially the lcd display :)

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