The CrunchPad Tablet Shows Its Face


After a few pictures of the CrunchPad tablet leaked onto the internet, Crunchgear decided to release some more info.  The prototypes you see are fully functional, have Intel Atom processors, and a 12 inch capacitive touchscreen. There isn’t much else available yet as far as details. What we’re most curious about is how the interface works. As many people who have used tablet PCs or touchscreens know, it’s usually the software interface that makes or breaks the experience. We’ve been curious since TechCrunch talked about what netbooks should be. Can’t wait for some videos.

9 thoughts on “The CrunchPad Tablet Shows Its Face

  1. “no keyboard=no touch typing”
    “i’m afraid it will not fit the needs of most of us”

    Except that on a touchscreen your fingers are mostly pointed at the same area as your eyes, as opposed to the seperate screen/keyboard combo. So touch-typing isn’t so necessary (beyond your personal typing habits).

    Regardless of your preference, I certainly don’t see this issue being a significant reason for these kind of product to fail. The benefits far outweigh the hindrances.

  2. this looks like an oversized iphone. the reasoning behind their critical review of netbooks is somewhat flawed. I know many people, including myself, who wouldnt trade a netbook for a notebook in certain circumstances.

  3. Pair it with bluetooth mouse and keyboard and voila! You have portable secondary PC that also doubles (triples) as digital picture frame and portable netbook for surfing. Heck, with right software you could even build neat home entertainment / home automation system out of this puppy.

    If the product comes out with the hypothised sub $300 price, I will get one for sure.

  4. “what would be really nice is if it can also function as FULL OS (Windows/Linux) when not being used for web surfing”

    If it runs W7 and their MultiTouch Surface Runtime, I’m not interested.

    Didnt we learn our lesson about Web Appliances yet?

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