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If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I wish I had a laser projector hidden in a zippo”, then you’ll really appreciate this project.  [Rog8811], who you might remember from the laser lighter, has made a spirograph style green laser projector that fits inside his zippo. This is very compact and you would have no idea it was there until you open it up. Just be careful, this seems perfect for causing eye damage to someone who isn’t expecting a laser to shoot out of your zippo.

26 thoughts on “Laser Projector Zippo

  1. I think it’s an entertaining toy!

    “Sort of twisted minded carrying a laser to show it off.. Besides, it isn’t cool carrying a lighter anyway. Lame!”

    Lighter have more than a couple uses you know…
    and if you have issues with twisted minds can i suggest you maybe go in for cross stitching or stamp collecting? I think hacks might not be your thing…

  2. As I always say, it’s got nothing to WHY you do it… it’s about CAN you do it. I’ve made alot of things that make people say why but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthwhile.

  3. Bonus:- modulate the power with stored video signal (there’s some code that can generate video from a 12F675 around) and then adjust the mirror speeds and sync (use a hall sensor from a dead CPU fan and mini NIB magnet interfaced to the PIC on each motor) and voila! instant headup scope display :)


  4. Sorry to derail the topic a bit.. but some people were shooting a green laser into my eyes from a window last Friday as I was leaving a LAN at 1:00AM… My immediate reaction was pure anger, followed by rigid middle fingers. Had they not been safely locked behind a 3 locked doors in side of a 4 story building… I might have done more.

    Lasers in my eyes really piss me off because safety, eye safety and eye damage are topics I take to an extreme of seriousness. Some stupid kid giving me eye damage does not stop me from having no mercy for their idiotic decision and potential regulation by a fittingly pissed off individual. *rages*

  5. Very cool project. I’ve been looking at trying to hide random things that don’t belong inside other packages.

    perhaps he needs one of those laser inside stickers for the side of the zippo… but then again, i’ve never been much for reading warnings or labels.

  6. @sansan
    “it isn’t cool carrying a lighter anyway. Lame!”
    Jesus, they sure did a number on you, melted your brain it seems, get professional help please.

    Unless you are 7yo, then I apologize, but how was I to know? :)

  7. Great. I’ve loved Zippos since I was a kid and played with my dad’s from WW2. Unfortunately(?), I don’t smoke so never had a good excuse to carry one. Now I do, or maybe I could squeeze a cell-phone jammer into one!

  8. Kinda tough to make a cell phone jammer work well inside a metal case.

    Also they’re not very legal, because of the possibility that a cell phone may need to be used in an emergency…

  9. nice design , nicely done. suggest adding a verible resister to motor , so can adjust speed or vibration of mirror , would allow for more designs with simple turn. :)

  10. For those who are asking “why bother”:
    1) Lasers are just cool. I mean, it’s a spinning laser, cmon! :)
    2) It’s a masterpiece of miniaturization.
    3) It’s a fun project.
    4) You now have a nice portable way to impress your friends and show off your electronic / mechanical skills.

    Nice job. I like it.

  11. Ironic that while I’m reading these comments, my page is adorned with an ad for ‘The Original Pocket Torch. Hot Enough to Melt a Penny!’ I wonder how many of you “what’s-the-point?” people would have no problem carrying one of those.

  12. Hi guys, Nice to see a split vote :)….

    nice design , nicely done. suggest adding a verible resister to motor
    I had a pot on there at one point but it caused problems with the motor and would not always run so I took it off.

    Someone above hit the nail right on the head, I did it to see if I could, Turning something with a specific purpose into something unexpectedly different is my thing.

    Regards rog8811

  13. Yeah I can see someone forgetting its in their pocket in the airport and then trying to explain to the useless homeland security guards that its not a “laser guided missle system” or something of that nature.

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