9 thoughts on “Kali The Makerbot

  1. Nice! A very rare post! It has both a very cool and useful hack, for an actual honest-to-god cool and useful fab device.
    No mention of pointless, useless junk like the craprap, at least until the first comment. Thanks for nothing first poster, you chud.
    A reprap with a bad attitude would be one that first could actually make something. anything.

  2. You do realise that makerbots are effectively repackaged ‘crapraps’? The print quality from either is pretty much identical and their capabilities are very similar aside from the fact that the reprap can produce parts an order of magnitude larger. One of the guys working on the makerbot runs rrrf.org and has worked on the reprap project for some years. This is why the makerbot became a possibility.

    Makerbots just offer a laser-cut structure and all the rest of the parts you need to assemble a fabricator in a convenient in the same way that bitfrombytes have done in the UK, selling full-size reprap.


    You mean that thing is just a goo-spewer, too? Very disappointing.

    I quite stupidly was fooled by the generic ‘CNC machine’ reference. I’m used to seeing it applied to professional and actually functional machines. Now it apparently has been stretched to the point of meanlessness to encompass every toy that plugs into a computer I guess. Kind of like the term ‘self-replicating’. When is someone going to call BS on this thing?

    In anycase, my bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

    At least the case still kicks ass though.

  4. Damn, the first thing from a new ‘bot’s not cool to the touch before the mudflingers begin their whingings. For the love of Leo Bakelite kiddies- cut the crud slingings willya! If you don’t think the ‘bot’s in our world live up to your expectations?

    Make a better one and then you can crow about it.

    If you’ve nothing constructive to add then at least don’t add whingings about how something someone else did is not up to your lofty standards. The fact is- it’s not any parameter of these fab ‘bots that’s worthy of comparison to any other parameter. It’s the fact that the things are establishing the reality of cnc fabbing itself. Reality begets acceptance. It’s a fact. Deal with it

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