23 thoughts on “Live Android

  1. Or you can just download the Android SDK and run the emulator…

    I don’t really see why people want Android on laptops. It’s a phone OS. Phones are different to laptops.

  2. what i find entertaining is that people with g1’s tend to be installing debian on their phones or otherwise trying to get more functionality from the android os, and then this comes along so that you can boot a computer into android.

  3. oh wow. this is actually awesome. because like some people, i don’t want to download the sdk that comes with stuff i will never use (right now) to test out google android. instead i can fire this off in virtual box and test it out and because of this id very much like to have an android phone and maybe dev apps for it!

  4. I think only Dustin’s got the point.

    I’ve got an android mobile and I’ve love to write my own apps for it, but don’t want to play havoc with my phone in the process. This + VMWare gives me that opportunity.

    Obviously it won’t have an accelerometer etc but the most damage is done when you’re simply getting a feel for the workings of a new environment…

  5. classic fail! 2 different machines, and all I got was a black screen. wasted hours downloading, burned myself a coaster. I don’t need the false hopes. tell people what hardware is required to run stuff.

  6. I just downloaded it to a rw disk and it booted right up but doesn’t recognize my belkin card.It has all kinds of stuff for phone apps but haven’t tryed to connect it to the Ethernet yet but it might make for a nice minimalistic os with some tweeking.

  7. Has anyone installed development tools on the Android Os? GCC? JDK? Mono? Bash? PERL? Does a precompiled standard 386 gcc simply copy over to the OS? How about a JDK/JVM environment?

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