Pwnie Award Nominees 2009


The Pwnie Awards are an annual event at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. They award the Golden Pwnie in a variety of categories: mass 0wnage, most innovative research, most overhyped bug, most epic FAIL, and our favorite: Best Song. Embedded above is [Paco Hope]’s 50 Ways to Inject Your SQL. While a strong entry, it doesn’t touch last year’s winner Kaspersky & Me: “Packin’ The K!”.

9 thoughts on “Pwnie Award Nominees 2009

  1. The nerdcore scene is populated with some shitty one-hit-wonderWhyTheyPostedIt’s like those. Its too bad for some serious artists who are trying to hold down a personal style for a genre, when there are weird-al-esque parodies that get thrown into the mix. Im not saying any nerdcore rappers are necessarily vying for the pwnie, but their music is more amiable than this crap.

    Just my 2cents.

  2. @xeracy Is anyone saying that nerdcore rappers aren’t better than the nominees? I think you are missing the point that all the entries are people in security industry. Not actual people trying to make music seriously. Its just an inside joke in our industry…

  3. This is actually kinda noobish. You’ll never see anything not mentioned on security focus or some social site.

    Security focus and secunia are usually months, or in cases of such as rootkit development and reversing, years behind. Rustock.c was in the wild 2 years before av vendors and security sites figured it out, and the whole time people where talking about it on irc and a couple forums.

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