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[Miltron] dropped us a tip about his NES workbench.  Knowing that when you get frustrated with whatever project you are beating your head against, you need an outlet, [Miltron] decided to build some relaxing NES fun into his workbench.  He’s using a NES on a chip though any multi game-in-a-controller setup should work. He has gutted a PSone LCD and mounted it all together nicely so he can game at any moment.  You might recall one of [Miltron]’s earlier projects, Das Uber Airsoft Turret. How long will it be before we see integrated LCDs into our toolbox lids or workbenches from the factory?

16 thoughts on “NES Workbench

  1. Another way to word it.

    Knowing that playing Super Mario at your workbench would prevent you from ever starting a project to become frustrated with, [Miltron] decided to build some relaxing NES fun into his workbench.

  2. I’m sorry but I just don’t get this project. If you want to play games in random places, get a psp or something. This is as retarded as watching an aerobics video on an airplane.

  3. @Nonya-Biz: because the PSOne is of a very good quality with the lots of documentation out on the net, and is fairly easily and cheaply available. Additionally, which Gamecube screen are talking about, as there are many availible?

    @del: LOL, that’s how I’d use this to relieve project stress, preemptively!

  4. This is perfect. If you have to ask why, that is understandable, but anyone who has gotten frustrated with a project knows how awesome it would be to throw it down and play some NES. Well, maybe just a select few individuals feel this way.

  5. I’m an auto tech, and I’ve always considered having a low power computer and a drawer with a flip out lcd screen for doing diagnostics and checking specs. Running the connection off the shop wi-fi, making a pic based obd scanner, and getting a private alldata account would be pretty snazzy. I still haven’t been able to find any examples online, so it must not be that common.

  6. occam nailed this one. not a real workbench. i have a question though, what happens when the project you get frustrated with is the NES in a controller project? (mine was a genesis controller project. there was a short somewhere and no matter what i did i couldn’t find it.)

  7. This is slightly ridiculous. Building things is how I relax, it’s not something I stress out about- I save that for family life, studies, work, financial issues, and SHTF scenarios that everybody here seems to go nuts over.

  8. I’m with a lot of ya – I work on the computer all day, so building at the workbench is always relaxing — no mario required.

    I also agree that this video is not showing us a real workbench — it looks like miltron plays the nes much more than he uses his tools…look at how clean everything is!

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