Tome GS And Tome MP

[Dennis] tipped us off to his Tome project. It looks like two projects using very similar hardware. The first is the Tome GS; a tiny game system that looks like it could hang from a keychain. This is apparently the second revision of this system, based off of some of his comments. He’s done a pretty good job, it looks solid and functional. It even includes a zigbee wireless module for communication with others. He states that the graphics should be roughly the same as a gameboy advance.  The second is the Tome MP, a portable media player roughly the same size as a first gen iPod nano. It is equipped with bluetooth, though he’ll be removing that in the next iteration in favor of a zigbee. We would really love to see more information on the design behind these projects.

10 thoughts on “Tome GS And Tome MP

  1. Nothing impressive without some well made software.

    It’s not worthy publishing this so early, let him cook up some nice games and finish the design.

    The casing looks like it’s made of wax.

    He should really put everything into one device. In one picture you can see he’s using the AT91SAM7S256, using its hardware DMA you can get good framerates on the S65 screen. Simple fullscreen 3D should be possible. He should try to port a GBA 3D engine.

    It’s disappointing that the media player is just another VS10xx player – one could use the ARM MCU to decode MP3s.

  2. Yeah, I probably should have waited a day or two and posted this when I posted my small rpg demo. The case is made with shapelock BTW. The sam7 is fast enough to decode mp3 by its self but I also wanted wma and ogg support. The VS1053 I plan to use also allows encoding in ogg.

  3. can you guys shut the hell up about arduinos already? jeez, every day some dude who thinks hes hilarious posts “no arduino – not a hack”


  4. @dext3r: I know it’s annoying as hell. Let’s forgets everything else exists and use snap together testing solutions for everything…yawn

    This thing must use a ARM core if it’s got DS grade graphics. I’m also interested because I have an upcoming project using omap4. Not sure what else can do that, propeller can’t handle those graphics even of you do parallel; I’ve used 3 of them before trying it.

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