Moon Phase Light Modification


In this project, a moon phase light is modified to show the actual moon phase based off of your computer’s internal clock. From the factory, these moon lights are updated via an infra red remote control. He pulled the brains from the clock and replaced them with an Arduino. He then runs a program that updates the Arduino based off of the system clock. He has also added an internal clock to maintain the settings so constant updates are not required. It would have been nice to retain manual functions via the remote so you could press a button for a full moon without having to change your system time.

[via littlebirdceo]

13 thoughts on “Moon Phase Light Modification

  1. i did something similar to this with the same moon (got it from thinkgeek). At first I could control the phase of the moon to show an arbitrary value (i used my cpu utilization). Later I went back in and added RGB LEDs to each moon section and turned it into a visualizer when I played music. I used an arduino mini (tiny?) which had a serial connection to the computer which did the fft on my sound output and spit out color values. Looked pretty cool until I took it down when I moved…

  2. I disagree.
    It’s using a product in a way other than it’s designed method.
    It’s not exactly bending, but it’s hacking in a more accessible way than you’d normally find.
    And code is added to make it function in this way, so I’d consider it hacking.

  3. I can honestly say this is one of the few times I’ve seen here where an arduino was actually the best man for the job. Sure, he could’ve mocked up a full on board, but the ‘duino got the job done and was not a gross misuse of the device like many projects here are.

  4. sorry, i’m just back from har2009 and i’ve see things like, and why does “hack”aday only concentrate on arduino-controlled leds?

  5. Interesting idea indeed!
    But that only goes as far as the lamp default (6 slices).

    I would like to see a more accurate phases. Done maybe with a moving centerpart that shifts like 1 a day?

    *sry for my bad english*

  6. I love this, I am one of those who gets affected by the phase of the moon and I’d love to see the current phase by just looking at this gizmo on my wall. I think I’d implement this with Arduino Mini…

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