Quick And Dirty Magnetic Card Reader


[nevdull] found himself in possession of a magnetic card reader. What else was he to do but show us all how to read from it using an AVR? He goes through the basics of how the card reader works, as well as how to detect the different card states such as entering, reading, leaving. There is source code to download to try for yourself, but unless you have the same reader, you’ll have to do some modifications. While this doesn’t get you all the way to reading the complete content off of the card, its a great start. Maybe you guys can help him finish up the last bits.

13 thoughts on “Quick And Dirty Magnetic Card Reader

  1. Interfacing to older heads is a bit of a PITA, but Magtek has some newer ones that do USB, serial, or bit serial modes and buffer the data so you don’t have to do much timing sensitive stuff. really not that big of a deal these days.

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