Laser Spiro Made From Junk


Sometimes we need someone like [FireMyLaser] to show us that you really don’t need things like custom PCB’s, expensive tools, or laser cutters to pull of a hack. His laser spiro subsists mostly of  toothpicks, hotglue, and determination. It is a two motor spiro with a base motor and a motor mounted in a  spinning cage. The cage gets power through brushes much like other projects we’ve covered. See a video of it in action after the break.

[thanks pseudolobster]

17 thoughts on “Laser Spiro Made From Junk

  1. I hope he is wearing green wavelength filtering glasses. This laser is no play, it looks like at least 100mW. Even with the motors spinning, it isn’t really required much time under direct exposure to (slowly) damage your eyes.

  2. I made one of these in the 1980’s back when a 2 mW HeNe laser pulled from service was over $100. We set it up at night pointed at the side of a warehouse during an art festival right over the Abita Turbodog keg. The spiro motors were battery powered and as the night wore on they got slower and slower until everyone was just kind of watching the dot whirl around. Good times.

  3. assuming hes taking the right precautions, it looks pretty well balanced considering the spinning platform consists mostly of toothpick/steel wire and solder.

    i wish people who did this stuff would use longer exposure/low sensitivity when taking video of it though, i’m sure the video is missing a lot of the patterning.

  4. must..have..instructions…

    also make a line-in for a headphone jack and up the voltage so you can use the variation in electrical frequency to drive one of the motors at varying speeds.
    would be great for raves.

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