Bouncy iPhone controlled dance lights

[John Boiles] introduces us to dimlet, his portable network controlled light dimmer. Inside the box is a fonera 2100 router that is running openWRT connected to an unnamed AVR microcontroller. Right now, he’s controlling the unit with his iPhone. It has three modes of control; a manual “slider” mode, an accelerometer controlled “dance” mode, and a programmable “tap” mode. You can download all the source code and schematics on his site.

[via Makezine]

19 thoughts on “Bouncy iPhone controlled dance lights

  1. Pretty awesome hack. Three questions though:

    A. lights cycle to dim 120 times per second. Obviously 2 * 60 hz, but is there some advantage to this rate?
    B. it’s shown with an IPhone, would an Ipod touch work the same?
    C. “Law themed party”?

  2. Excellent Hack! This has really elegant execution through the iPhone interface, I especially like the lack of noticeable lag. Considering doing this to a networked set of dimmers in the house. Great Job!

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