Halloween Prop: Glowing Spooky Eyes

spooky_halloween_eyes_pic_microcontroller (Custom)

Would you like some spooky glowing eyes that light up and play a sound when someone gets near? This circuit makes it pretty simple. It uses a single phototransistor to detect someones presence. Instead of having a preset threshold that needs to be met, it simply triggers any time there is a sufficient change in the amount of light it detects. If you put one of these in a nice dark spot, your halloweeners will only see the LEDs and perceive them as eyes. It might also be cool to somehow add motion to this.

We’re running out of time to prepare for Halloween, don’t forget to send in your projects.

[via HackedGadgets]

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  1. OffTopic: When did HAD implement a mobile page? Was reading today to kill some time, and noticed the site looked different, at first I figured my phone was mishandling CSS, but after a few moments I noticed it was a different page being served. Works quite nicely! Although I imagine the layout and color-scheme will likely be tweaked shortly, the only actual ‘problem’ I noticed was that only 30 comments are delivered, and no option to fetch more.

    The mobile page might warrant a site-notice/article? Also, please keep the mobile/full site links, it’s nice to be able to retrieve the full page occasionally, maybe make mobile be a different page than the home?

    Browsed with a samsung R800 [rx800? rxh800 maybe… horrible little phone, and even with the same browser as the PSP [netfront], it’s very crippled.]

    Also browsed with a RIM BB8130 ‘s default browser, worked quite well.

    OnTopic! : It’s a UV erasable chip. from article: “A PIC12C672 was used as it was appropriate for the design. I had a number of the older UVEPROM version on-hand from older projects to use for development. While I have no in-circuit debug capability for these eight pin devices, the code is simple enough that this was not a major handicap.”


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