Mr. Wake, Wakes Up And Runs


[isotope] must really hate himself. He has built a torture device of pure evil. Mr. Wake, his alarm clock robot, should be considered a torture device. This cute looking little bot, with its bright and colorful clock and neat plastic tube frame is an alarm clock. As soon as it’s alarm goes off, Mr. Wake starts watching for you. If it detects your presence, it takes off, only to wait for you to stumble, bleary eyed, to its current location. Do you know what it does when you catch up to it? It takes off again. Why would you build a robot that you know you are just going to destroy in a groggy fit of animalistic rage?

We actually like Mr. Wake more than clocky, simply for its hackish feel. If you really really have problems getting up, you may want to consider something a little more drastic.


[via Makezine]

12 thoughts on “Mr. Wake, Wakes Up And Runs

  1. twisted version of clocky? i thought the whole “jump off the nightstand” thing was more than enough…damn things make the dog go crazy too — no need for coffee after one of those mornings…

  2. @ xrazirwirex yea I hate kipkay, a lot of the stuff he throws out on youtube is B.S. although not all of it. People just think because of the semi professional way in which he sets up the camera and his voice that whatever goes on in the video must be true.

  3. What about an autonomous R/C heli. add some clever circuitry such as a 3-d accelerometer and gyros, edge/ceiling detection using mouse sensor, etc. And object avoidance.

    While making the most infuriating noise imaginable, nails on a blackboard. :)

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