Hot Off The Presses Its Android 2.0 SDK.


Today Google released the Android 2.0 SDK, allowing developers to begin writing for their latest cell phone platform. Unlike programming for Apple’s iPhone or Touch, however, there isn’t as much documentation on the installation and setup process. AndroidandMe steps in at this point for all those that have gone a muck by writing a very detailed how-to on the install process. So what are you waiting for, start now and you might just be the next Android Developer Challenge winner.

[Thanks Taylor].

7 thoughts on “Hot Off The Presses Its Android 2.0 SDK.

  1. When I clicked to see comments, i got an ad for the nuvifone… haha, that phone makes no sense anymore with the android 2.0 nav… hah. Proof that when a product is a good idea (like it was 2 years ago) companies should NOT drag their feet on it!

  2. today? this was released yesterday. c’mon guyslet’s get with it. also, keep an eye out over at, as the members over there are already hard at work to get the 2.0 firmware running on the G1 (HTC Dream) as well as other android based phones that only have up to 1.6 on them.

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