Four Tear-downs For Your Friday Afternoon

We know that feeling, you’ve been up all morning working hard, and now you just want to relax. What better way than to sit back and watch as helpless electronic devices are stripped, forced to show their goods, then put back together only hap hazardly – not that we’re into that or anything. Today, we had one thing on our mind, game systems.

With the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver shoppers were also given a device called the PokéWalker. A pedometer that helps your pocket monster gain experience and affection towards you. Here is a tear-down of the device next to Nintendo’s other try at getting children active, the Activity Meter pedometer. [Thanks Arty2]

Sega, while in todays day all we see is more and more rip offs of everyone’s favorite Hedgehog, we do remember a time when you brought more to the game field, especially with your advanced consoles. It does bring a tear to our eyes seeing this beast being torn apart, but its all for the best.

Those keeping up with Nintendo’s DS series will notice one thing, the console keeps getting smaller and smaller. That trend continued until the (Japan) release of the DSi LL. Some think its size can be attributed to an easier to see screen, others feel its jam-packed with more features. Make your own decision after seeing its tear-down. [via engadget]

Finally, we couldn’t decide what a fourth tear down should be, and couldn’t just leave with only three. So how about 10 separate Sony gadgets torn apart!

9 thoughts on “Four Tear-downs For Your Friday Afternoon

  1. Seeing the Discman gives me a bit of a nostalgia trip, I never owned a Discman and always wanted one but alas at the time they cost a fortune as did the CDs, did have a few Walkmans back in the day though.

  2. I still can’t figure out how to get my damn 1st generation iPod touch open. Thing’s like Fort Knox. Broke 4 of those damn vinyl opener tools and got nowhere. Used a crapload of screwdrivers, from eyeglass to extra large, even a couple phillips and torx thrown in there, knives, files…I’ve thrown everything I’ve got at this damn thing and barely even dented the case! And I _really_ need to get in there – the headphone jack is coming off so the left side keeps cutting out. Swear to go I’m about to take a saw and just cut the damn thing in half.

  3. @Urza
    Maybe one of these links will help?
    I absolutely love vid tuts. I was a little resistant at first but hey work smarter not harder lol.

    Hope one of these helps :) I don’t have an iPod but I’ve worked on older and smaller ones before and they can be testy. Some just “snap open” or slide right out like they always show. Some of the more ‘real’ ones lol are just sticky because you took care of it and didn’t beat the crap out of it like a 13 yo girl would lol. At any rate, good luck getting that sucker open.

  4. You might want to try and warm the edges with a hair dryer to loosen the glue. If the touch’s back panel is metal that might expand it enough to loosen it. Of course you know to be careful lol as evidenced by the broken tools and not a broken ipod case. You may have luck at a jewelers shop or at Cingular (since they sell iphones) conning a tech into just popping it open for you. I’ve had a Verizon tech pop open a Treo I was working on for a friend. The phone place would be your best bet or call up one of the local Turkish “Cellular Everything” kinds of stores and ask if they can do it for a coupla bucks. I’m actually supposed to hang out with a friend today that does more of this stuff and see if he has any ideas. I always just know there is some little nipple of plastic or one screw I always think is out that just ruins my best intentions and then I go all Captain Caveman on it lol. I used to rate projects by beers. “Ah crap, that is at least an 8 beer project.”
    Good luck chief and I’ll holler back if I find out any gems :)

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