Pink Wireless-terminal Of Wonder

[Hunter Davis] is at it again, this time hacking the pink IM-ME to use as a wireless terminal. It sells for between $12-16 and he ordered it to get free shipping with another purchase. The wireless antenna registered as an HID device when he plugged it into his Linux box. He then sat down for a long USB sniffing session only to be surprised by the lack of any type of security. Everything transferred to the device is just plain text in hexidecimal. Because of possible DMCA issues he hasn’t posted a driver but does explain most of the process to write your own.

[Hunter] has given us a lot of handheld hacks. This device is meant as a remote terminal for instant messaging. We’re sure you can think up a lot better uses so let us know in the comments and don’t forget to send in any projects you come up with.

[Thanks Paul]

53 thoughts on “Pink Wireless-terminal Of Wonder

  1. To the people asking how to get one of these in Europe: Don’t. This device operates on frequencies which are used in Europe by GSM900 and operation would be therefore disturbing GSM, be illegal and if catched would lead to stiff fines.

  2. Hmm, can anyone verify what kju said?
    Is this also true for the european version sold by ?
    It states at the box — so it might be adapted to the uk?


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