Aural Twitter

[POTUSCamacho] listens to his @public_timeline rss feed. In part one of his project, he describes creating a bash script in which he uses cURL get his private feed, sed to clean it and eSpeak to output a WAV file. In parts two and three, he goes on to discuss how he created an audio stream (currently down, opens in a new window) of @public_timeline and how he plans on tweeting vocally.

4 thoughts on “Aural Twitter

  1. I’ve never been thrilled about the word “Aural”. It sounds waaay to similar to “oral” and makes it very difficult to use the word without someone thinking you’re screwing around. I like it because it is the most correct word to use in most situations, but you simply cannot say “aural stimulation” without people hearing something completely different. I use “auditory” instead, but usually have to use it incorrectly if it’s replacing “aural”.
    Silly english.

  2. lol, I did exactly that (minus broadcasting) last year. Twitter’s ‘we test our API with cURL’ examples made it easy and fun to poke at the internet. I wish more sites would be so helpful.

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