Home Made Panoramic Camera

This one is from way back in 2002, but we didn’t see it till today. This is a hand built panoramic camera. The film is laid out across the back of the case, and when taking a picture, the lens assembly rotates to expose the film. It is a very nice looking design. The brass body is quite reminiscent of the recent one posted here. On the site, you’ll find not only the build log, but a full explanation of all the math behind the design. It is a very interesting read, even if you have no plans on building your own.

[via Make]

6 thoughts on “Home Made Panoramic Camera

  1. WOW is an understatment….
    – amazingly detailed build log, not just with the the HOW it was done by the WHY behind it.
    – actually serves a purpose as opposed to a device with no objective other than “I can” or “I was too cheap to just buy X”
    – the quality of the resulting output is astounding… truly this is a piece of art that produces other pieces of art…

    thank you for posting this… if every hack was this good the world would be a better place :D

  2. While I am no friend of using fraction to control time-critical things like a “shutter-speed” – esp. out in the wild at different temparatures – this is an amazing hack!

    Well writen, many details, good sketches and the relevant optical basics – I want more like this!

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