Nook Rooted Without Being Opened

If you’ve got a nook, and wanted to get root privileges, but really didn’t want to open up your fancy new toy. We have good news. The people over at nookdevs have found that the nook looks for updates from the external microSD slot at boot time. Simply download the patch, load it and boot. Though it was previously possible to get root privileges before, you had to physically open the device. While we would have opened it anyway, we understand that there may be people who prefer not to.

16 thoughts on “Nook Rooted Without Being Opened

  1. I think it refers to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and turning the nook into a sort of guide to everything (maybe a wikipedia port to it.. i don’t know much about the nook to confirm this though).

  2. From the page:

    “The reference to the towel is actually a reference to Towelie, the lovable towel character from South Park.”

    I don’t think these guys understand the concept of making a reference, just putting a picture of a character with no connection to your project up on your site doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…

    Anyway, it is nice they have gotten it to work without physically tearing apart the device.

  3. I think the reference is to the fact that the nook turns pages a little slow, like it just smoked pot. Anyway, i ordered a nook, but i have to wait until feb. for it to ship. sometimes i want to cancel to order and just buy a kindle. i hope the openness of the nook is worth the wait.

  4. okay.. it has WIFI and a touchscreen. specs comparable to a Wii? you cant do much online with a wii. but for almost 300 bucks i dont see why anyone would buy a nook, if you cant hack it. surf the web. so, can you surf the web now, and does it have more RAM than a Wii, so you could watch a full 10 minute youtube video? does it have speakers? i want something with a touch screen and wifi, that doesnt require a 3g plan, because buying 3g is dumb if you just plan to use it on the couch or something, within your wiFi coverage.
    i dont know anything about the nook, except that it has a 2gb sd card internal, and it reads books. +wifi. i wish i could hack my samsung impression to add wifi.

  5. @MS3FGX

    I think they just chose Towelie as a mascot because he’s a fun-loving character that many people would know about. Towelie, in turn, is the creators of South Park’s reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So, it’s fitting that they would hack the nook to make a potential device that can be made be like the “Guide.”

    P.S. “Don’t Panic!”

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