New Year’s Party Favor?

[Infernoz] built a POV display to help ring in the new year. There is a low component count; an ATtiny26, DIP switch, power switch, CR2032 battery and holder, pin header, 8 LEDs, and a pull-up resistor. The board is single sided without any jumpers that we can see. He’s moving the display by swinging it on a rope but the PCB is the perfect shape to attach to a fan. We love these blinky displays and if you’ve got some parts this makes a great party favor for New Year’s Eve. Check out the video after the break.

17 thoughts on “New Year’s Party Favor?

  1. I was given a little toy with a simple spinning POV LED disk for xmas and I’ve found it to be quite fun.
    I’m about to hook a speed control on the motor because at lower RPMs the designs the POV disk makes look way better.

  2. Too bad you cannot read anything about the build… and +1 on making some drag on it so it always faces one direction…. or possibly put a row of led’s on both sides then it wouldn’t matter. I don’t know if that will work but it might.

  3. Doesn’t it almost always face one direction because of the two holes in the board that the string is through?

    Anyhow, as for the build, it’s just an Attiny26 with LED’s, header pins, and a 3v battery.
    One set of headers (Pins 4,7,8,9,10) uses a jumper. The jumper pulls the pin low to control which message to display.
    The other set of headers is for programming.
    The leds each have their own pin on the Attiny.

  4. I see the schematic is on the site near the bottom of the page, but no firmware as far as I can tell. In addition to some aerodynamic drag to orient the board, he should add some holes to the board so it makes a whistling noise when it is moving.


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