CES Update: January 6th, 2010

It’s just about time for CES (as we’ve mentioned once or twice), so we thought we would update you on our latest goals and ideas for the show.

This year [Caleb Kraft], [Nick Caiello], [James Munns], [Devlin Thyne], and [Brett Haddock] will be covering CES. We are currently looking for some good places to go if we get a chance to break away from the show, and while we won’t make any guarantees, we’d love to meet some of our readers! Please direct all ideas for your favorite eatery to our Contact Page. Keep an eye on our Twitter page (@hackaday) for CES updates and what your favorite writers are up to, where we are eating, and other possible chances to meet up with us.

We are also still looking for Las Vegas Hackerspaces to visit, so let us know and we would love to cover it!

Be sure to check out our updated interest list after the break, and keep sending in what you want to see!

In our previous post, we mentioned

  • Google Nexus
  • Notion Ink tablet w/Pixel-Qi display
  • Instinct Engineering – Suitcase XBOX 360, Fold out gaming couch
  • Car that can drive itself (most likely Toyota or Honda)
  • PSP 4000
  • Transparent OLED display from Samsung
  • Neuro/EEG Devices; Neurosky Booth

And after our last post, we have also added

  • eReader Devices (especially hackable ones)
  • Lenovo’s new Hybrid Tablet
  • Mini Computers, such as the new fitPC and Plug Computers
  • Hackable Set-Top boxes like the PopBox
  • The technology behind some of the booths and displays
  • Control4’s Hotel Automation systems

6 thoughts on “CES Update: January 6th, 2010

  1. i’ve heard that the lenovo u1 hybrid-tablet two-systems-in-one doohickey will be there. if it’s everything they say it is, that thing is ripe for tinkering. i’d love to hear what somebody with a hacker mindset thinks of that thing after seeing it in person.

  2. @Lenny: Funny you mention that, because a few weeks ago I had some hands on time with a prototype of the Edge. If all goes well, we should have some pretty awesome, exclusive coverage of the Edge after we all get out to Vegas.

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