CES: Caleb gets Tased

As were wandering around South Hall, we just so happened to stumble upon Taser International‘s booth. Being the adventurous guy that he is, [Caleb] decided to volunteer to get tased. Not being able to pass up such a great opportunity, we instantly broke out our cameras and recorded the video above. Enjoy, we know we sure did.

84 thoughts on “CES: Caleb gets Tased

  1. Agreed, octel. You notice that they hook it up to a nice spot on his lower back rather than somewhere in the chest where someone might actually get shot with a dart. Probably a lower risk of heart issues arising and they know it. Their products get over-used by police forces who treat it as if it has zero side effects and people die. Cops are there to be in harm’s way so the rest of us can be safe, not just to get access to the neatest toys to keep themselves safe.

  2. I agree to octel and T.
    Tasers can kill (and have killed) people (especially if used wrong, e.g. multiple times), but are always promoted as safe, so that they are used in situations where they are certainly not needed.

  3. “I don’t promote taser or claim to verify their safety. Seriously though, i’ve done worse just for fun.”

    Well, you are promoting it, the message to the bystanders and hackaday readers (incidentally, I cringed at all those comments about “taking one for the team”) is that tasing is safe, even fun. I’m not saying this is your intended message, but this is what Taser Intl have used you for. This is different than all that other “crazy shit” you’re alluding to. If you’re seeking approval, you don’t have mine.

    1. @Miklos,
      Incorrect buddy. I’ve been pierced, bludgeoned, tossed, rolled, drugged and more, just for the thrill. I don’t endorse any of it. I may document it though. Lighten up. If you really really really want my opinion on taser… you can quote this: “I’ve never been shot, but I think I’d rather be shocked than shot.”

      I’ve read bad things, but i’ve taken bigger risks too.

  4. @Kenneth Younger
    Great joke, Kenneth Younger! Flagrant and inhuman abuse of police power on innocent college students is the pinnacle of humor.

    Eat shit and die, Kenneth Younger.

  5. Apparently, someone here has been tasered before, and probably did not the chance to volunteer, and did not get a warning, and probably crapped themselves, and probably had someone video record it, and probably was posted on YouTube, and has some authority problems, and probably is in college, and probably is taking this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! Get off of whatever you are on, and go back to weed or something. You are a bit over-cranked.

    Personally, I hope they tasered the Ardunio out of you Caleb. But I applaud your willingness to be tasered. But I also hope the Arduino chip that you have had implanted on the base of your skull has shorted out and you quit posting the alien’s messages.

  6. Enjoyed the video. I don’t promote Taser as a whole but I do however promote experiencing things first hand. I’d willingly get tased just as I willingly went bungee jumping and willingly did other things that probably fall under illegal activities in many countries.

    This hardly makes me a masochist or even a thrill seeker (although I confess I am the later too), I simply like to learn. Experiencing just about everything gives me the power to take logical decisions.

    Go figure though, some people are seeing way too many things into Caleb getting his ass electrocuted. He seems to fall in the same category as me, so kudos for doing what you want and ignoring the huffy nuns and anti-taser horde.

  7. Great joke, Kenneth Younger! Flagrant and inhuman abuse of police power on innocent college students is the pinnacle of humor.

    The 40+ people killed by “innocent college students” with very real bombs during the 1960s and 1970s would like a word with you…

  8. Jesus ‘history’, great way to show ignorance there, and cheap tactics, and we’ve all see the freaking video of the tasering and that had so obviously NOTHING AT ALL TO DO with violence of any description by the guy but EVERYTHING to do with freaking fascist getting their hands on torture tools.

  9. For what it’s worth, one of the police departments around here is requiring that their officers be tased before they can carry a Taser, and I’m all for it.
    There was a surprising amount of opposition to it (i.e. any). I’m pretty certain that if you don’t want the officers tased because it’s excessively painful, injurious, or something, they probably shouldn’t be using them in the first place.

  10. @SheeEtin, I think that’s one of the issues and is very telling. Most jurisdictions require police be pepper sprayed before they are allowed to carry it. Most places do not require tasering because they know that there are significant risks and they don’t want an experienced (older) officer collapsing of heart problems after getting zapped.

  11. awesome! Ive always wanted to try it but you just cannot get tasers easily in the UK – and making one just seems a bit dangerous – even for my blood! I guess Ill have to import and hide the customs declaration…

  12. Well of course this had nothing to with hacking, but had everything to do with hackaday. Yea a publicity stunt on the part of both parties. Caleb taking one for hackaday, and taser international for taser international, no biggy. There are you tube videos of kids using stun guns on their, and other’s genitalia and other sensitive body parts, thats stupid, when they had nothing to sell.

  13. It was just a bit of fun. im not going to read through the remaining posts, i wanted to post this to say he is a good sport for doing it.

    I am in second year of uni, and i made a alarm clock linked to a 555 timer for a 200v wake up call because i kept missing lectures back in year 1, term 1.

    Its weird to see how the body reacts.

    Again. Good on him. :D

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