CES: Caleb Gets Tased

As were wandering around South Hall, we just so happened to stumble upon Taser International‘s booth. Being the adventurous guy that he is, [Caleb] decided to volunteer to get tased. Not being able to pass up such a great opportunity, we instantly broke out our cameras and recorded the video above. Enjoy, we know we sure did.

84 thoughts on “CES: Caleb Gets Tased

  1. @sneakypoo

    parachuting, bungy jumping, and rollercoasters generally envolve fun, not pain (unless you get very unlucky, and then there’s a lot of pain)

    getting electrocuted is guaranteed pain; doing something painful for enjoyment is called masochism

    thrill-seekers are not necessarily masochists…

  2. “And if you don’t own a personal taser, today is the time to pick one up. They’re 30% off and come in a variety of colors!”

    Seriously? A variety of colors? Because you have to look good while you’re taking down a perp?

  3. Taking one for the team! Bravo!! Seriously though….. I’m proud of you for your dedication to reporting, showing us what it’s really like.

    Not sure if you’re crazy or a brilliant journalist but that was fun to watch. How could you stay so happy & excited after that??

  4. @Caleb: Woah I had no idea you’re from Missouri as well o_O. Beers to ya if I’m around there again sometime soon.

    I have a stun baton that is supposedly 1,000,000 volts, but I’d feel too bad to test it on any of my buddies.

  5. Caleb,
    My neighbor got tased by the cops in my front yard. I talked to him later and he said he was trying really hard not to defecate in his pants, which is apparently pretty common when tased. Did the Taser people warn you of such an event?

    1. @chode, Greg, and the others who simply enjoyed it.
      this was my gift to you.

      exactly. perfectly explained.

      That too a little bit. But that was a minor bonus.

      I was concerned. I asked before hand. We probably wouldn’t have posted the video if I had crapped all over myself.

      Is there really a difference between stupid and brave? I don’t think so. I’m OK with both I think.

      Look me up! I have facebook etc.

      crazy I hope. I don’t know how you could not be excited afterwards!

      that’s the plan.

      yeah, creepy.

      strangely, having a fan is almost more disturbing than having haters.

      I had to. I knew it could not be avoided.

      I’m not sure if I’m pleased with this or not.

      yes. this was penance.

  6. That was pretty epic. If anything, one hell of a story! It would have been better if the camera was shooting at a lower angle, just to get more “tased” facial expressions. lol

    1. @M4cgyv3r,
      Absolutely. I had 15 minutes to prepare, then you can see I have plenty of time to “pre-tense” my muscles so the shock wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have that violent jerk that you would have if you weren’t prepared.

  7. While this may have provided an entertaining video, I believe you should also point out the various public safety concerns that have been raised, and how Taser are doing there best to sweep them under the carpet. Take for example the death of Robert Dziekanski after being needlessly tasered by the RCMP. (http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/tasers/video.html) Please, take a more balanced approach, instead of giving free advertising to such a questionable company.

  8. For me the most interesting thing about this is Sherriff Brunnel’s obvious inability to wrap his head around Caleb’s personality; he’s obviously used to would-be tough guys taking the challenge and cannot quite grok this playful adventurous high-tech hippie kind of guy hailing from Missouri.

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