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[Jakob] sent in his method of dealing with broken laptop hinges. Broken hinges are a plague. We have no less than 4 laptops lying around that are beyond repair with broken hinges. Some are just propped up against things, some have had box hinges glued to them and some are just waiting to die slowly from non use. [Jakob] has a nice neat conversion where he basically made a tablet. We’ve seen that before as well as picture frames. His version, while being quite possibly easier than most of the others, has a neat design aspect. An extended lip at the bottom fits in a groove in a plastic slab. All in one PC becomes a tablet in an instant. Not too shabby for a broken laptop. It looks like he needs to pop a touch screen kit on it though.

16 thoughts on “Simple Laptop Conversion

  1. NEATO!
    I know it’s pretty common but I just can’t stop being thrilled seeing stuff like this. I mean, what better way to recycle a broken laptop than to make a tablet with it? It’s still portable
    Nice hack

  2. I have plans to take an old laptop and convert it into one of those digital picture frames that you see in the store. Except this will cost nothing and not have a depressingly low resolution.

  3. I’ve done the picture frame thing, works great. Use geexbox, it supports photo slideshows, as well as dvd’s, movies, music, etc. I have mine set up w/ a wireless card and I stream music, photos and video to it.

  4. i like it. it looks has a sculptured, artistic look to it.

    it reminds me of the computers on capt. archer’s enterprise i saw during a time*cough*travel mission to investigate a temporal*cough*abberation in starfleet history.

  5. Easy enough to do. Obvious question, though: replacing most laptop hinges is trivial. Why would you have laptops lying around that you don’t use simply because you can’t be bothered to get a second scrap one on ebay or buy a replacement hinge?

  6. Is that an acer travelmate 2410 ressurected it from cupboard the other day hinges are brokengood idea mate lola must try :0 really like the hackaday website good projects and interesting people

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