Google Your Home With A Roomba


Meet GåågleBot. GåågleBot is a modified roomba that will not only vacuum your home, but collect data while it does it. While it is carrying out its normal duties as a floor cleaner, it will take pictures, collecting and analyzing all the data for later searches.  With built in OCR, you can actually search for things using text strings.

Aside from just carrying out its normal job, you can also remote control it via the web. You can even control theirs!

[via Boing Boing]

12 thoughts on “Google Your Home With A Roomba

  1. I’m already sitting on my porch with a shotgun waiting for the streetview van to drive by…Never ceases to amaze me what lengths people will go to to VOLUNTARILY lose eliminate their hopes of privacy.

  2. @lurker-
    You never had, and never will have privacy in your front yard. Try this: dance naked in your front lawn on a sunday afternoon (preferably right after local churches get out). Report back on what happens!

  3. Don’t feed the trolls!!!…Which includes me. My point was that I’m in what you cityfolk would call the backwoods, and there’s no reason that google would bring streetview by EXCEPT as a removal of what little privacy is left in this world. I fully understand that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy left with the regards to the “outside” of ones property – What bothers me is that google actively desires to make available to 6 billion people what only a few dozen people even know exists.

    …Before anyone says anything, yes, I’m aware of the existance of satellites – I have in my posession 6 sets of ariel photographs showing the evolution of a property adjacent to mine from a sinkhole to a full-blown swamp since the mid ’60s… The fact that google is saying “yeah, we don’t give a shit” and (will probably at some time) be taking one of the other two dimensions in the future is what bothers me… As I have already said, it’s not the fact that they’re doing it that bothers me, it’s the fact that they’re doing it for the mere purpose of indexing EVERYTHING and don’t give a shit whatsoever about the mere concept of personal rights/privacy/dignity/etc… Look into the googlebooks lawsuits of a few years past and the attitude that google took to court – You’ll see where I’m coming from…

    …So much more to say, but so little motivation to argue with you all (who are probably of my generation, yeah, I’m 22, not 66)… We as a society are more and more williing to voluntarilly divulge what in the not so distant past would have taken a court order to obtain…That, in and of itself, is what bothers me here…

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