Easy IM-ME Flashing

[Travis Goodspeed] wrote a guide to firmware flashing for the IM-ME. He’s using a GoodFET open-source JTAG adapter that he designed to do the programming. This is really taking [Dave’s] work on the device and running with it.  The end goal being to develop an operating system for the device. If you haven’t read the past articles, once hacked this becomes a development board for the Chipcon CC1110 processor with keyboard, LCD screen, and wireless communications included.

19 thoughts on “Easy IM-ME Flashing

  1. I second Derek’s suggestion of vinyl dye. I’d used spray paint on an external modem and a CRT case a number of years ago and while it worked, the paint tended to chip and scratch over time. I’ve also used vinyl dye on a CRT case and that came out much better. It didn’t chip and scratches were much less noticeable.

  2. I hope he didn’t steal that from some young girl for the sole purpose of hacking it… I can see the headlines now: Teenage girls complain of missing IM-ME devices, GoodFET hackers rejoice.

    But in all seriousness, this is a great article about taking a cheap piece of hardware and hacking it to make it more (intellectually) valuable.

  3. Has anyone mentioned vinyl dye? You could dye it then paint it so when the paint wears off there is a cooler color underneath. Take some Bondo and make a nose like Lady Gaga’s and paint it pink or bondo a popped collar and make it preppy lol and ya definitely need to add an arduino based led wifi detector.

    /sorry couldn’t resist after the comments above lol

    //great work on the hack tho!!! not trying to demean your progress, just having a laugh with the folx that seem to be acked by the color.

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