Didj Hacking: DJHI 2.8 Preorder

The DJHI 2.8 is now available for preorder. The DHJI acts as an alternative serial connection in order to protect the Didj from the 12V signals it would be exposed to with a direct serial connection to your PC. It also adds in a microSD card slot and makes the connection process as simple as plugging it into the cartridge slot.

[The Moogle], who was the winner of our second Barcode Challenge, also tipped us off about his hack that upgrades the Didj to 64 Mb of RAM.

12 thoughts on “Didj Hacking: DJHI 2.8 Preorder

  1. The board pictured above just brings out the connections for uart and a sd card. In his blog he then used a ftdi breakout board to interface it. But these things work with 1.8V to 5V uart levels, so theres no protection required.
    This board is just an adapter, not a protection device.

  2. There has been some progress, an SD card driver, a bootloader, graphics work, check out the wiki page, there is quite a bit of information, some prebuilt build environments, some how-to’s, and links to join in the discussion, if you have some questions or things to add.

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