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Augmented reality is a pretty neat thing but we don’t want to live our lives staring at a smartphone as we walk around. [F00] didn’t either so he built these augmented reality glasses. You can see a hole in the middle of the glasses where he added a webcam. The camera captures the image in front of you, processes it through augmented reality software, then sends the image to the wearable display that makes up the body of this hack. Integrate this into the head-mounted Linux hack and you’ll be able to ride your bike around the real world with your blast shield down instead of being tethered to your trainer in a virtual universe.

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  1. Now way I’m wearing that while riding my bike! It’s dangerous enough out on city streets without an electronic gadget blocking my view and giving me tunnel vision.

    Very neat, though. Just not at 45km/h.

  2. @Alex
    From the site:
    “What you do next is up to you. I looked around the web and found a few AR programs and tried them out. Best is probably Camspace, as with this you can control your pc with your hands! I used an EeePC, this way I could wander around my house with the pc in my backpack.”

    I would suggest the AR plugin for Sketchup (there is a trial, mind you, it shuts off after 30 seconds… After which you can turn it on again…)

  3. This is a good start to a similar idea I’ve had for a while. Until the camera is able to be mounted on a gimbal and iris tracking is implemented to match the eye’s movement, you will still have tunnel vision with this design.

  4. i agree, the delay from the webcam would be dangerous in the real world…
    however used in a AI world like on a workout bike machine would be cool…
    and i agree with

    “Why completely block vision when you can project augmented reality data onto tinted frames?

    Posted at 1:15 pm on Apr 19th, 2010 by Wraith”

    if you could project on tinted lens that would be the best bet for the real world

  5. @Wraith

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. But I was also wondering if one could make such a hack look a neat as this does. These glasses don’t ‘look’ like they’ve been altered. It would be difficult, I think, to make regular tinted glasses not look rigged.

  6. The output video isn’t necessarily going to lag. Sure, the augmented overlays will lag as GPS/magnetometer readings are pulled in and the data is overlayed in some fashion. However, when it comes to your interaction with the world around you, the real world takes priority and the metadata takes a back seat. The Droid, even with its measley 550 MHz processor and paltry 512 MB of RAM, still manages realtime video. Realtime video to a set of glasses is not a problem. Sure – he’s limited to a lack of 3d vision, but reaction times should not be changed in the least bit. If you’re expecting realtime metadata to appear, that’s still a couple of years off. Just wait for 4g!

  7. as a games programmer/designer, this implementation of augmented reality really makes me giddy. I don’t think it’s fully wireless (I see the USB cable), but once somebody makes a fully wireless setup, I’m going to code like crazy for it.

  8. Agreed with above comments- add a second camera, and distance between them for focal and paralax for your actual eyes- then mesh this with code from the old OPENEYES eyetracking project.

    I’ve wondered for awhile why noone has done that yet- the code was right there, easily implemented, or so I was lead to believe…

    Bonus points if you use 2 FLIR TAU thermal camera units for stereoscopic thermal vision. That’s been an idea for awhile, but $$$ prohibits it.

  9. why completely block vision and use webcam? because of the fucking sun. let’s blast that motherfucker approximately 150 million kilometers away!
    i think it needs 2 screens, 2 cameras. servo controlled if you really have something against turning your head to see whats to the side. up to 8 cameras, so you can do the rear view and side views, with keyboard shortcuts or something.

  10. @Spider
    i have made some homebrews icluding a home brew that makes real life look like single player halo in my back yard and it works the same as a computer mouse kind of. it makes grunts and elites pop up every were and then i get to use a lazer tag kind of thing that has a usb on the end that looks lik a halo weapon and just plugs in to my laptop in my backpack when i get home from school. and you can link uo with other people who are near the area and have online halo battles. the grenades are completly 3d rendered we just were these gloves i made that looks like master chiefs glove but if you swing your hand more than 5mph it will 3d render a grenade and just through it at someone. its awsome cause we can pick co-op in the menu thingy i made or just multiplayer. i have it on my laptop(not my huge blue desktop)but it wont let me email it ):< its pretty cool though if you link up with other people because you can go all over the planet as long as you have internet connection and play agianst/with other people.

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