HDSPs And Playstation 2 Controllers On Arduinos

There were a couple short Arduino tips in the mailbox this morning. We’ve combined them in this post since both are fairly short and sweet.

Over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, they’ve posted a quick breakdown of how to interface those neat little HDSP LED displays with an Arduino. This specific instance is for Mr. Stabby. Source code and schematic are included.

For those who would like a nice familiar input device for their Arduino, how about a Playstation2 controller? [Bill Porter] has written up the code and shown how to wire it up. This even includes the ability to read the analog stick correctly. Source code and schematic are available on the project page.

[via Littlebird electronics]

5 thoughts on “HDSPs And Playstation 2 Controllers On Arduinos

  1. Yes! I’ve been wanting to interface a PS2 controller into my CNC controller as a pendant to jog the spindle around. My Arduino-fu isn’t strong enough, yet. But this helps! Thankyou!

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