(Real) Stargate Built In Backyard

PVC, wood, and some creativity bring this Stargate duplicate to life. [Mango] and his father started with AutoCad drawings taped together, and ended with the Stargate you see before you. Sure it’s not 22 foot in diameter and not made of Naquadah, but its inner ring rotates and dials like the real thing and it has all 39 symbols – hand carved. Catch a fun and entertaining video with the Stargate after the break.

[via SciFiWire]

56 thoughts on “(Real) Stargate Built In Backyard

  1. they might be able to build something to make the chevrons spin around it and lock into place with some sort of servos and a ball bearing system or something, but that would be a lot more work looks cool though

  2. you could probably use a suitably modified laser projector and smoke generator with some sort of compressed air source to make something that looks like the “kawhoosh” off SG1…

  3. This is neat. I love stargate, and for those of you who say that if you like it, you need a life, and that people could be doing better things than this, I’m serving in the military. I top everything, this is pretty neat. However, it could have been done better and I wish that he at least could have added some lighting. Now when we get a real stargate, which may or not be possible at all, that will be a day to remember. I doubt stargates will ever exists, just like FTL travel, and even colonization of other planets.

    This is featured, who give a flying f*ck about the oil spill? This guy was never going to work on a solution so pull the stick out of your ass.

    OH and our lovely EPA turned down an offer that the Dutch made, to use 4 oil skimmers to clean the ocean, because “We can’t pump water with oil back into the ocean”…. sound dumb? The oil is already in the water…

  4. In 1992 in Vancouver, West Side, BC on near Mackenzie St. 41st Ave I was doing a technical analysis for real Stargate and invented all the names + function, because of Chevron gas station, down the street. Someone broke into my apartment and ripped off all of my computer disks and original hand whitened notes….I forgive that someone, long time ago – just want to say: this thing is real..…

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