Mini Racing Cabinet

Here’s another small arcade cabinet. This time around it’s the racing simulator Daytona USA. [Pocket_lucho’s] cabinet work has been featured before and he did some fine work with the control interface on this build. The wheel is from the controller of an RC car and the gear lever from a heavily used toy. He fashioned two pedals using gate hinges and a couple of leaf switches. The guts pack quite a punch with a mini ITX motherboard running the show. This will look great next to Ms. Pac-Man. Check out the video after the break.


10 thoughts on “Mini Racing Cabinet

  1. he plays a few games on that video, that’s where the confusion comes from. he plays daytona, the original outrun and by the looks of things, a newer outrun from the last decade, and some other stuff at the end.

    ive only now realised, watching the video with my netbook muted, how great their idea for a catchy theme tune was for their game. all you could hear in a 90s arcade above the chaos was the daytona theme song and ryu’s hadouken

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