Nexus One Gets Linux


Considering how hackable the Nexus One is already, we can only imagine a whole new host of interesting things thanks to Ubuntu running on the device. [Max Lee] set his heart out on getting not just Ubuntu on the Nexus One, but also Debian, and he wrote a perfect install guide to help out those wanting to give it a shot.

He cheated a little bit by having Ubuntu run in the background while the X11 interface is simply VNCed, but he still did an awesome job with plenty of pictures and details to help you achieve Ubuntu on your Nexus One.

21 thoughts on “Nexus One Gets Linux

  1. That’s actually LXDE, not KDE. It’s part of what you’d technically call Lubuntu, which is just ubuntu but with the default gnome environment replaced with LXDE. It’s a different desktop environment targeted at lower resource systems while remaining graphically rich

  2. Technically Android is a Linux fork, and therefore not “Linux”.

    Google decided to add a bunch of subsystems which are not present in the vanilla Linux Kernel, and will probably never be, because some extensions are broken by design and Linus and the others don’t intend to include broken code.

  3. a few things I’d like to point out-
    Android is linux
    it’s not straight-up Ubuntu, or as the guy in the video supposes, Kubuntu. It’s Lubuntu, running the LXDE desktop environment.
    and yeah, it is kinda cheating…

  4. So, he has x11 running in android, and he decided to use VNC?!! to interact with Ubuntu? Me thinks a little X11 forwarding is in order here… Sure would improve performance a bit, and might make the thing feel a bit nicer too.

  5. yes he has an X Server running in the chroot but it’s probably not aware of the N1 video hardware. ie optimized. So, going into VNC from Android and using the optimized video performance is probably better. Another thing, VNC on android knows about the Android touches and keyboard input so no worries about the X Server inputs. He did it the right way for now.

  6. Why the fuck would he want to run WordPress on a phone? That just seems the most absurd goal, and drags a whole bunch of big, heavy dependencies with it (MySQL? On a phone? WTF?! At least use blog software that is designed with some sense and can run [or be ported to run] on SQLite or some other lighter backend)..

  7. So wait, its running on the phone and he has to vnc into the phone via the phone? So odd. But at least its self contained as most people show it being on a box somewhere else and claiming its running it.

  8. i would run puppy linux bc i already see a mouse cursor at the top left of my phone’s screen every time a page loads, but i can’t move it. and puppy linux has flash player preinstalled, and my phone never will have flash player.

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