Humble Homes, Simple Shacks

[Derek] puts the “hack” into the word shack.  We really enjoyed his “little yellow house” videos and shared them with you. After that, we discovered that he has published a book. No, he didn’t have it published, he published it. This guy is DIY through and through. “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here)” was hand produced by [Derek] himself.  It includes plans for a number of different shacks, ranging in size from too tiny for an adult to large enough to house a family. Not all of them are completely practical, but there are several that would make perfect workshops.

We got a copy of the book and have been getting lost in the seemingly endless illustrations. We highly recommend that you do so as well, if you have any interest in building from scrap, or unique structures. Even if you aren’t that interested in construction, the eclectic style and humorous rants about waste might just be enough to keep this book around.

10 thoughts on “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks

  1. I’ve paid them off with 3 dozen Ramen Noodle packets, 2 vintage Smurf figurines, one shoe horn, A hardcover copy of O.J. Simpson’s “My Story”, and a half-tin of Skoal. Well worth it!

    No, lol- thanks guys- unexpected, above n’ beyond, and glad you’re apparent fans of “Buildin’ Somethin’ From Nuthin'”.

    I’ll have to incoporate some future-tech, Hal/Brainiac-computer components into my next project, so you won’t get any flak for being too eclectic. Or I’ll devise some “Wii Fort” software- for today’s kids who are too lazy to actually build anything themselves and venture outdoors.

    Again- thanks- LOVE the site.

  2. @UltraMagnus: They can’t tell you, or else their Big Oil/Pharma/Government paymasters will have them assassinated by the masons or the Templars. The only way I’m able to say this is because I’m wearing my pasta boots, which make me immune to their Area 51 alien control rays.

    50 weeks of the year, nobody says anything about books. It happens twice in one week and you think somebody is getting paid? When it’s happening every week we’ll talk but this is an insignificant burp in the numbers.

    Fun looking book though.

  3. hell yeah, im glad deek is getting some more coverage.

    i sat down and watched all the little yellow house videos on youtube not too long ago. really good shit.

    the episodes are fun and to the point as well as being pretty hilarious at times. the jam session was awesome.

    look forward to picking up the book soon

  4. @Alchemyguy pasta boots, shoot I knew I had been doing something wrong, guess it is time to take the starch out of my shirt and put it into my shoes.

    If other people are looking into building tiny houses I really recommend checking out as inspiration and the occasional plan (I am in no way affiliated with them). And also check out this TED video on manspaces for see how cool this projects can become.

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