DefCon 18 Official Badges

The details are out for the DefCon 18 badges. The new design has a lot of goodies packed into it, most notably a 128×32 LCD display. You can’t see it in the image above because it’s on the other side of the badge; the ribbon cable passes through a slit in the substrate to reach the connector on the back. The board has a mini-USB connector and is meant to get even the unseasoned novice up and running with some firmware tweaks. The Freescale processor (which is the same chip as last year’s badge) is running a bootloader that can be accessed and flashed using a terminal program. Yeah… impressive.

But it doesn’t stop with the component selection or firmware mastery, these badges are beautiful too. What you see above is the prototype, but the 7780 badges produced come in seven different flavors (as usual), laser etched on a PCB that uses Aluminum as the substrate. Line up all the badges side-to-side and you get a graphic art storyboard. [Joe] outdid himself this year, and he’s been nice enough to share the development details (PDF) which we spent way too much time drooling over.

[Thanks Kim]

18 thoughts on “DefCon 18 Official Badges

  1. Loaded now. Looks like the only real neat secret thing in the default badge this year is the Ninja unlock that you already covered.

    An interesting point about this is that to validate all you need to do is set your ‘tumblers’ (ie, bits in a 24-bit int) such that the following check returns true:

    uint16_t a = (uint16_t)(val & 0xfff);
    uint16_t b = (uint16_t)(val >> 12);
    if((a ^ b) == 0x916) //returns if badge valid

    All in all not nearly as interesting as the secret website from last year, but I have yet to review all the disassembly for secret goodies.

  2. Defcon 18 was one of the better con’s I have attended. The badges were in vary short supply and only people who showed early Thursday got one. Rest of us got these shit paper badges. Defcon 19 will be at the rio so that’ll be a big improvement.

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