Airsoft Minigun Packs Quite A Punch

[Kuba_T1000] built a multi-barrell Airsoft minigun with an unbelievable firing rate and an almost inexhaustible ammo pack. The gun is made entirely from aluminum which meant some time on the CNC machine. The six barrels don’t rotate but they are all used, resulting in the carnage shown in the video after the break. That large box you see is the ammo pack, which can hold 16,000 BBs and uses an electric feed system to reach the necessary delivery speeds. It is certainly not something you’d want to run into as part of an automated turret.


[via Hacked Gadgets]

34 thoughts on “Airsoft Minigun Packs Quite A Punch

  1. Judging from the curvature of the shot trajectory, and that he’s firing from so close to his target, it doesn’t look like the muzzle velocity (and thus range) is all that high. Pretty sweet nonetheless, and it does a number on that pad of paper :)

  2. @Gene

    I think he chose to be so close because the spot is semi-enclosed and thus the mass of bb’s doesn’t go EVERYWHERE in his house. As far as arcing, I didn’t notice it in the firing. Could also be an illusion of the camera angle and the angle he is firing at. Also, with it being airsoft bb’s, I’m not sure how accurate those can really be.

  3. Sorry Hack-A-Day but Awesomenesser is correct: he is only using one barrel, you can tell that clearly from the video alone but if you actually click the link, you can see there is only one barrel in the parts layout.

    All this really is, is a shiny CNC shell around a modified Airsoft barrel/hop-up for high rate of fire.

    It is not even all that high rate of fire, guys have been doing this on youtube for a few years. Look up the airsoft flamethrower. :D The ammo box is a pretty good enhancement though.

  4. It’s an interesting replica. What I like is the absolute simplicity of the core design. I’m looking for a US supplier of the Genuine Innovations composite CO2 regulator to create a low ammo version powered at 150PSI from a 16gm CO2 cylinder. This should end up ultra small and lightweight but pack a one or two shot punch. Think RC chopper chaingun.

  5. Metal BB’s would turn it from a toy to a weapon and make it illegal in many municipalities. But, yes, it would make cleanup much easier.

    Of course the cleanup problem could inspire a new project…

  6. Yeah, this hack is fail. I have seen higher firing rates out of a plastic bottle loaded with BB’s, a barrel fixed to the end, and a compressed air source hooked up to the other end.


  7. Any of you dogging on this build are idiots and don’t know wTF you’re talking about. This is a masterpiece. It is not a cosmetic body with a AEG gearbox stuffed inside. this Is a ground up custom CNC made system. Increasing the pressure from the CO2 tank will up the FPS without any major modifications. The ROF is Freaking insane. Yes there are some airsoft guns out there that reach similar rates of fire but the cost to get that is very high and the reliability is very low. This is a solid setup. As well it is a mini gun design. The retail version of something similar would require you to spend $2500 and carry very heavy 12V batteries around with you. This can be run off of a small CO2 tank. The regulator can also be downsized as well if you take a regulator from a paintball setup. I think 32deg makes one for around 70 bucks.
    Hell if you could do this build for 1K you would still be WAY out ahead in terms of cost.

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