One-handed GameCube Controller

[Hasse] built a one-handed video game controller for his brother. He fit everything he needed into the body of an existing controller and came up with a very usable system. The controller will be right-hand only, so the left shoulder button was moved underneath the right side where your middle finger can get at it. This leaves the d-pad and the left analog stick to account for. By combining an ATtiny44A, an accelerometer, and a digital to analog converter the controller can sense motion. The microcontroller reads in the accelerometer data, gives user feedback via four added LEDs on the d-pad, and the DAC feeds the appropriate signals back into the controller as if you were using the stick. There is even a switch to select whether the motion data is mapped to the analog stick or to the d-pad. We’ve included a demo video after the break.

Find that you also need some one-armed typing assistance? Check out this half-qwerty keyboard hack.[youtube=]

[Thanks Wim and Jeroen via Tweakers]

10 thoughts on “One-handed GameCube Controller

  1. When i saw the title i thought:
    “Yet anther great mod from Ben Heck”
    That is one heck of a job you’ve done :P
    Well done, i hope your brother enjoys it as much as we enjoy the creativity you put to build it :D

    PS:Ben where are you?

  2. I saw another similar mod several years ago where the left analog stick was moved to underneath the bottom part of the right hand side so the user could rest it on their knee or another surface. Sorry I don’t have a link handy.

    I did have a chuckle at the “Putting it all together slide” with the mess of long wires imagining the builder thinking “How the *&^% do I get this closed together again?!?”. I may have had a few drinks though :p

  3. You are one great brother you know that. Great job! It is unfortunate that your brother is handicapped. I can sort-of relate, but I do know that my brother wouldn’t go to this much trouble to see me smile again. It’s great that your brother can enjoy the games that we enjoyed as kids.

  4. Dude that is so awesome!!! If you make another like this but black I’ll buy it from you for $25-35! This is so awesomely-awesome! O____O ((In awe/=drool drips= )) I WANT ONE!!!!!! >.<''

    I wish I could stick to something that long, I could probably make it but I don't have the patience. D;

    Please contact me back about this. I'm serious about buying one.


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