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Processsing has come to Android. [Jer] posted a guide to setting up the software and coding your first Processing app for Android. The module which supports Google’s mobile operating system is not yet part of the stable Processing release but it works and is available to download and use. It provides support for Android version 2.1 and newer, playing nicely with the SDK to emulate your sketches during development. The Hello World app seen above uses just a few lines of code to draw a white box on an orange background. After you’ve installed and tested the tools you’ll be developing in no time.

This makes a great addition to your Android development tool bag.

[Thanks Tech B]

11 thoughts on “Android Apps Using Processing

  1. Agreed with C, ASM, Processing. This is [hardware] hack-a-day. ASM and C are key to understanding the MCU’s that are featured in so many of the posted articled. Also (I promise, I’m not going to use this one as a bash), the next step beyond Arduino is coding in C (or if you’re adventurous and/or need precise timing and perfect use of code space, ASM)

    1. ASM was cool in 80ties and 90ties. Now we’re mutltiplatform, object oriented, portable and visual. Who cares anymore about ASM? Times of Jacky Qwerty are long gone.

  2. processing is such an easy development environment to work with. It doesn’t have a lot of nuances that more serious languages have that would necessitate a tutorial series. Does anyone know if the OSCp5 libraries will work on Android? I would love to make an app that could speak with my desktop processing program that listens for OSC commands.

  3. yay been waiting ages for this. Can we please please have a Processing interpreter running on Android itself?

    Also, anyone tried interfacing Arduino with Android Processing apps, via the device’s USB?

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