Permanent Root Exploit Found For G2

The g2 has finally been rooted. Even though a temporary root exploit was found shortly after the phones release, a NAND lock prevented modifying the non-volatile RAM for a permanent root. Some controversy surrounded the g2 when it was erroneously thought to have a rootkit protecting the OS.  Supposedly the rootkit would watch for changes to the file system and then reset the phone to default settings when any unauthorized changes were made.  On the other hand a NAND lock functions by fooling the operating system into thinking there isn’t any memory available, essentially “locking” the memory in key areas.  Once it was discovered to have the NAND lock it was only a matter of time before the g2 was permanently rooted.  NAND locks have become a popular (and unsuccessful) deterrent employed by device makers to stop the jailbreaking comunity.  While this exploit is nothing groundbreaking it is another notch in the belt for the jailbreaking community and a welcome benefit to g2 users.

9 thoughts on “Permanent Root Exploit Found For G2

  1. A nice article on NAND locks, and the overall idea of how they’re implemented and how to circumvent them, etc and other projects this has been implemented on I think should be called for after this. First I’ve ever heard of it, anyways. Interesting.

  2. I agree with the first Andrew! (I’m honestly a different Andrew. :) An in-depth technical article on how NAND lock works and how it was circumvented would be great. Anybody at HAD willing to flex their journalistic muscles and interview some hackers?

  3. Just received a new G2 and rooted it, my first time rooting an android, in about 15 minutes. Its pretty simple to follow the instructions. Love the Cyanogen mod i put on it.

    I think you are just lazy, thats why you dont want to try it. If you can follow the steps you will be fine.

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