CES: Where Are They Now? CES Of Course!

CES is a time for showcasing the latest and greatest innovative products. While the crowd milled around the iLounge there was one company who stood out amongst the rest. [Mike] from CableJive is making his debut on the biggest stage for innovation this year. Many of you will remember [Mike] from a post back in 2006, where he was fed up of with all of the good docks being for the apple products exclusively. He set out to fix this and, when talking with him, attributes his success to the coverage Hack a Day did on his project. CableJive has become so popular that he has hired staff that help him produce his products. All detailed information for their products can be found at their website.  The finished product is displayed after the break.

10 thoughts on “CES: Where Are They Now? CES Of Course!

  1. Apple is “likely” to sue Everyone. Do you own an iProduct? Have you added music to (technically that’s altering their hardware)? If so, you’re probably going to be getting a letter from Apple soon… Nothing personal, it’s just how they roll.

  2. The iPod is frustratingly pervasive in the portable speaker & hi-fi section of gadgetry so it’s good to see something that allows you to use alsmot any of those speaker setups without having to own a damn iPod.

    Expect the Chinese to copy the cable in 3, 2, …

    You could probably make your own using a cheap iPod dock extension cable, but I wonder what extra components the dockBoss cable has over the standard one to warrant being $10 more.

  3. Solution: Don’t buy a docking station.

    Buy a freaking set of PC speakers with the audio jack. It’s not like a 150$ Altec Lansing kit will sound worse than the Bose dock or whatever.

    THEY ALL SOUND LIKE CRAP. So why bother with a proprietary connector in the first place?

    HiFi ftw!

  4. I would take any jambox with at least a wav file over any piss file period. The CD ain’t great, but, the Frownhaufer institute has stolen our hearing. That shit was designed when floppys and 20 meg drives ruled, now it’s the Terabyte age! Ten years ago we were ready for true HiFi sound from a digital source, but the industry decided because people were burning CD’s to pull hi def and beef up it’s security. Meanwhile Napster and this little white crap took over. Urinals! Then the raid on the record stores and down came the house of HiFi. Now it is official, combined music sales are falling. Music is just noise and artists aren’t needed, just a beat machine, bass, and babble. I hacked my first dummy head mic 35 years ago. Live recordings on cassette in binaural are incredible, not possible on CD. The top third of the audio spectrum in wav is “pixelated”. At the end of this month I will make my first Hi Def recording of our local 17 piece swing band. The first and only CD recording I made of them, was full of snass. Snass is my description of the pixels of sound that ride on top of the CD. So anything worse ain’t progress. Wake up it’s twenty eleven. PROGRESS YEAH!

  5. Agreed it does all sound like crap.

    Hell my stupid ipod always has white noise in the back ground. Even if the songs were hifi, it would still be dumping a crap load of noise into the song.
    (my thinkpad definitely does not have as much noise at the same volume. And it’s not exactly a media laptop haha.)

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