Jeri Getting Her Own Show?

[Jeri Ellsworth] has been very excited about this new opportunity. She sent us a “pilot video“, so we’re assuming that there will be more to come.  In the pilot, she explains how to build a musical art installation that will play music when a viewer is in position. She covers several different ways to detect the presence of the person, ultimately landing on using a PIR sensor for detection. We can’t wait to see where this show goes, but we hope she continues to do her own hacking videos as well.

35 thoughts on “Jeri Getting Her Own Show?

  1. Element14 and I spent months debating how to pull this off. I liked their parts store, but I wasn’t pleased with the chunkiness of their community/forums. We came to an agreement that I didn’t have to claim it was the best forum on the web and they’d take feedback and try to fix it.

    I’m OK with that. (call me a sell out)

    @Twistedsymphony The roll cage project has to wait until the weather gets better her in Oregon.

    @hack-a-day This project means even more hacks!

  2. I’d say, the more Jeri the better!
    When she said in the video “All the music you’ve heard in this video was generated in real time from me dancing around in front of the PIR sensor.” my first thought was: I’d wanna see a video of that! Guess what the end of the video was.
    Oh you silly girl, Jeri! Keep it up!

  3. Good news! I think girls make science extra sexy. I mean it’s already sexy by itself. But add a really smart girl in there! Zowie!!

    And she seems more that capable to do this. She looks like (seems like) a very smart girl/woman. So I think she could do a great job at it.

    And it looks like she has tons of support. So I’m all for it, great move on her part. I just hope she gets plenty of input from other places to keep making those interesting videos. I mean I hope she doesn’t run out of material.

  4. I really liked the video and I hope it takes off.

    Feedback for Jeri: I don’t have an electronics background and I found the screen capture schematics confusing when the video was zoomed out.

    In the future, would it be possible to have a pointer highlighting the components of interest or something similar to what you did with the marker and paper?

  5. @M4CGYV3R

    I happen to know that but there is no “Slow down” button. Jeris other videos about her own stuff are someway much much better. I just guessed that this is because of the speed.

  6. walt,
    yeah lol, but we can all dream though!
    wow what a dream girl!
    and yes, any one who has half a brain can not but notice what a babealicious babe jeri is,
    sorry for this next statement, but beutifull ( to the googilionth power times infinity )ladys/young women that are tech savy, are few, and are needed more and more, and are every bit as good/better than their male counterparts, pound for pound.
    jeri makes a cool role model for any girlies looking to the tech industries as a carrear,
    go jeri, go jeri, go jeri

  7. Wow, you guys need to stop drooling for a sec and read what you’re posting. This is a hacking blog, appreciate Jeri for he hacking potential, not her looks. It’s sad when every other comment has absolutely nothing to do with this post. :(

    Anyways this is great news for the hacking community.

  8. thats the problem when attractive women try to teach you something, even after the best lesson one heared the only thing one thinks about is boobs.
    and thats why women are not very common in hacking communities

  9. Nah!,

    I think they might be less common because society tells them that it isn’t an acceptable hobby/career/etc. In my EE courses there’s probably less than 1 female per 15-20 males. :(

    Maybe Jeri’s show can change that. :)

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