Shiny Acrylic MAME Box

This nice table-top MAME arcade features a two-toned acrylic case. [Fabricio] spent about 50-60 hours designing the 29 parts that make up the enclosure. Originally the sides were meant to be orange but one design flaw meant he had to have them recut and only had enough black stock for the job. But we like it this way. The screen is just over ten inches and inside you’ll find a mini-ITX motherboard with a gig of ram and a solid state drive. The seven page build log features some bending, glue, screwing, and wiring that really show off the depth of the project.

This results a very modern look but if you like your retro gaming to appearĀ vintage we recommend this cocktail cabinet.

18 thoughts on “Shiny Acrylic MAME Box

  1. thats a retro look more than a modern one, change the orange to red or blue though and it wouldn’t look out of place in the new tron movie, which is exactly what they were going for back in the day, things that look futuristic.

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